Party With Poker – Different Kinds Of Sit N Go Tournaments


The different kinds of sit n go tournaments in Poker make some of the most popular card games of all times. In this form of Poker, there are a fixed number of people required on the table, usually 9 or 10 and the game starts whenever all the fixed number of persons come to the table. Read on for more information on the Sit and Go Poker (SNG) tournaments; the different kinds and general rules followed:

A traditional sit and go tournament has one table in which there are a fixed number of players who pool in a certain amount of money on the table. The prize structure is made up by the buy ins you are contributing. In most of these games, there are three prizes given: 1st place earns you 50% of pool in money, 2nd place earns 30% of prize pool and the 3rd place gets 20% of prize pool money. However, with the online Poker games gaining tremendous popularity, there is a faster version of the tournament introduced called the “Turbo” mode. In this fast paced mode, the tempo of the tournament goes very high with blinds going up every 5 minutes สล็อตออนไลน์888.

The newer version of the SNG Poker offers players to sit at multiple tables. This kind of game is especially popular over the Internet. Most gaming sites would allow you to sit on 2 tables with 18- 20 players each. The prize pool is much higher and if the turbo mode is introduced, you are likely to win a much larger amount in a short period of time. Many sites even allow you to play in 3 or 4 tables at the same time. Although the prize structures vary from site to site, the common trend goes like as stated below:

2 tables: 4 places

3 tables: 5 places

5 tables: 7 to 8 places

Of all the different kinds of sit n go Online Poker Site or traditional casino tournaments, the multi table form of game has immense popularity for the gamers over the Internet. The simple reason is that you need to risk very little money ($10 + $1/ $20 + $2/ $30+$3) and you can enjoy an action packed Poker game for at least an hour with reasonable chances of winning. This form of game is also a great way to practice and sharpen your skill for a real table. Moreover, many sites allow you to graduate to larger tables and pool prizes ($200 + 15) which give you the opportunity to win some serious money. Lot of players these days are hooked on to these games right from the comfort of their homes.